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Station Zeta is a 2D platformer.

Hey, wait, don't go...

A spacecraft transporting alien life has crashed into a space station 5 months after disappearing. You are on that space station, and you are tasked with going to the bottom of the station, and enabling the generator.

You are issued a weapon that uses electricity as ammunition. The shots can be picked up again, but they will disappear after a while. You only get 3 shots, though, so don’t fire them all at once.

The game plays like most other modern platformers. The feel is kind of like INK (ZackBellGames, 2015), but not as "floaty". Gravity is quite strong, and you jump decently high. You can walljump, both from wall to wall and on the same wall continuously.

You have a gun. It shoots. You can pick up the bullets again. You only have 3 shots in total, and you can charge your gun. When your gun is charged, it uses more energy (max 3, that's all you have) but the bullets fly faster and do more damage. Picking up a charged shot will return all the energy used to fire it.

Enemies kill you in one hit. Everything is dark, and you can only see a small portion of the screen. The enemies see you first, and make a noise when they are close by. They take multiple shots to kill, or one charged shot. If you know an enemy is nearby, keep your weapon charged and ready shoot. But remember: your weapon won't do any damage until it has been upgraded at an upgrade station.

The game is not as fun (or scary or exciting) when you know where everything is. You should play this game blind instead of watching the video, but that's up to you to decide.


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